The story of Ruth

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“For many years I thought You were way up there in Heaven, far from the madding crowd, and that You would lend us an ear every now and again when our cries and laments became too loud. I often even doubted Your existence. I called but received no answer. Until that dark night when my desperation was at its utmost. I could feel Your love, gentle and reassuring. I could feel Your breath, You were breathing for me as you rekindled the smoldering ashes of my life that were slowly dying out. At that moment I couldn’t understand what was happening, but now, after so many years, I realize that You have always been with me, You have never abandoned me. I am infinitely grateful for your love. Suddenly everything is beginning to fall into place. Where chaos and confusion previously reigned, now everything seems to make sense. “God, I want to speak with You!” I cried, and I believe that this is the cry of all mankind. I am convinced that, in one way or another, we are all searching for You because our soul is longing to find You and be united with You once again. My story is a testimonial of this search – intense, full of suffering and even desperation, but at the same time exciting and absolutely wonderful.” Patricia Williams Scalisi

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