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Sacra Natura

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80 artistic and naturalistic cards of the animals, born from the original paintings of Stefano Fusi and from the experiences of deep ecology: the symbolic images for meditation, inner evolution, divination and healing. The purchase also includes a book that explains in detail how to use the guide cards of animals and natural spirits!

All nature is a symbol, a source of knowledge and health. We recognize ourselves as a conscious part of nature, reflecting ourselves in every animal, in every plant, in every mineral, in every element: each of them contains a message for us and a healing power that guide us to health, balance and fulfillment . Animals, plants, minerals, air, water, fire, earth, celestial bodies show us how to heal wounds, find and share wellness and harmony, evolve according to our aspirations. Natural symbols offer us simple, direct and precise interpretations of our personality, our current condition, and the developments of our lives.

Stefano Fusi

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Stefano Fusi


Stefano Fusi

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